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The Dragon will not be bored ... but sometimes he is resting too!


There is a special activity  here: RELAXING! Come and enjoy the peace, the silence, the green, the sun and the air of the mountain in Valnerina.

Around the camp is possible to practice sports and activities such as rafting, trekking, hiking, orienteering, survival, horse riding, paragliding, kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, hire quad, go kart, which combined with important cultural events, live your happy holiday in this wonderful land, rich with flavor and history, where authentic and sacred values
​​, such as friendship and hospitality, are still strong.

In addition, there are camping near the soccer fields, tennis courts, bowling green and children's playground.


If you want to immerse yourself in history and culture of this area of Umbria, hurry up, you’ll have an embarrassing wealth of places, monuments, medieval villages, castles, towers, museums, lost and lonely hermitages, monasteries and abbeys, historical centers, handcrafts of all kinds. All the beauty that nature has given us!

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